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Unlimited Storm Restoration Services

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We use the most advanced drone technology to examine your property.  There's no longer a need for us to crawl around your roof, we'll DRONE your HOME!  😉
  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Guttering
  • Windows
  • Storm Restoration
  • Landscaping and Tree Removal
  • Interior / Exterior Renovation
  • Fire / Water Damage Restoration
You name it, we can do it!

Why Call Us Immediately?

When storms strike, they can cause major damage to your property. Hail, high winds followed by rain must be taken very seriously. Your insurance company demands that you, as the owner, must take immediate action to minimize further damage. A simple call to Unlimited Storm Restoration will accomplish this task. If necessary, we will even activate our sister company, Operation Blue Tarp to secure your investment.  

Hassle-Free Process

  • First: Initial Inspection – This is a free, no-obligation, hail and wind damage inspection. Unlimited Storm Restoration will have a representative check your entire property. We call it our 360-degree inspection process and conclude this process with a report for you. Once the inspection is complete, we will sit down with you and discuss our findings and your options. We will go over the details of filing an insurance claim and we can even call your insurance claims office during this meeting.

  • Second: Unlimited Storm Restoration meets with your insurance claims Adjuster on your behalf. It is very important to notify your Unlimited Storm field representative of the date and time for your insurance Adjuster’s inspection.

  • Third: When received, please share with your Unlimited Storm representative all our insurance paperwork that is generated by your insurance Adjuster. It is this paperwork, also known as the “work-scope” or “settlement documents” that gives direction of what your Adjuster wants repaired based off your insurance coverage limitations.  

  • Fourth: Choose Materials – Once you receive your insurance work-scope and funding packet, please contact us to set an appointment with project coordinator. At this time, you will choose product colors, styles and any upgrades. Just how we will proceed for you will be discussed in detail. 

  • Fifth: Delivery of materials and inventory – Once the materials have been selected by you, the order is placed in our production department. One to two days prior to the work, the materials will be delivered. A project coordinator will be out to check that all materials are delivered correctly and placed in a proper location. 

  • Sixth: The construction process – Once the crew(s) are on site, they will note anything that needs extra protection (eg, pool, fancy plants, bushes, etc.). The crews will take every effort to protect you property and your belongings. The work site will be cleaned, all debris removed and a magnet bar will be used to pick-up any stray nails. 

  • Seventh: Final Inspection – Upon full completion, our project coordinator will perform a final inspection with you. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. If you see anything in question, this is the time address any issue(s).

    If you have a Mortgage Company or Bank Loan on your property, they may want to get involved. This is known as a “Monitored Insurance Claim”. Unlimited Storm Restoration will help walk you through this process and even take care of this process for you.

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